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Participation in Nature TV Program nature's Keepers

Last June, our greenhouse gas monitoring work at Moyarwood, Co. Galway was filmed for the documentary "Sentinelles de la Nature". Ushuaia TV and Films Concept Associes and the director Cecile Favier have kindly allowed us to use a snippet of the episode here.


David Wilson in Nature's Keepers

Participation in EcoEye episodes then click on the picture called ‘Peatlands’. then click on the picture called ‘Peatlands: conservation project’. 



Partner in MooresFuture!

At Earthy Matters we are very aware of our carbon footprint and constantly seek ways to reduce our carbon emissions to the atmosphere. When this is not always possible we have in the past sought to invest in carbon offset projects. This year Earthy Matters have offset 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions through the purchase of MoorFutures2.0 certificates for a wetland restoration project in Northern Germany. The project is guaranteed under German law for 50 years and over that period it is expected that the wetland ecosystem will return to full functioning in terms of carbon cycling and its natural biodiversity structure. For more information on the project at Polder Kieve have a look at the website



Irish Times, 4th May 2013


 Our research work was featured in Michael Viney's column "Climate change or just a late spring: what to make of the messages plants send us? " on Saturday May, 4th 2013.


Launch of Carbon Restore Report!

20th July 2012, Dublin

Launch of the Carbon Restore report by the EPA and Bord na Mona at the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change meeting in Dublin, July 2012. 

From left: Dr David Wilson, Dr Maria Strack (University of Calgary, Canada), Gabriel D’Arcy (CEO Bord na Mona), Dr Catherine Farrell (Bord na Mona), Prof. Hans Joosten (Greifswald, Germany), Prof. Christoph Müller (University College Dublin and Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany), Phillip O’Brien (EPA, Ireland) and Dr Florence Renou-Wilson (University College Dublin)

This was covered by the Irish Times on 18th July 2012 in an article by Frank McDonald entitled: Reports on degraded bogs published


Irish Times, 19th July 2012

Our research work also featured in the Irish Times in an article by Frank McDonald entitled "Bogs could be used as carbon sink! "