Earthy Matters provide a high quality English language editing service for academia and industry. Manuscripts are edited by a native English speaking Ph.D scientist with a strong track record in research and a wide experience in reviewing and editing manuscripts for journal submission, undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral theses, reports and grant proposals.



  • Academic manuscripts

  • Theses - Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral

  • Reports

  • Essays

  • Project proposals

The Process


The document is checked for grammar, punctuation, spelling, academic tone (where applicable) and style. For authors with English as a Second Language (ESL), the text is also revised to capture the complexity of formal English writing. All revisions are made with Track changes in Word. Typically, standard manuscripts (5,000 – 10,000 words) take 5 working days and larger documents (>20,000 words) take 7–10 working days.


Prices vary depending on the length of your document, word count (reference lists are excluded), and time-frame. Prices shown below are exclusive of VAT*.

Word count Price

0–15,000 €20 per 1000 words

15,001–30,000 €19 per 1000 words

>30,001 €18 per 1000 words

* Under EU rules, VAT (at the Irish rate) is not charged to VAT registered businesses based in another EU country. Instead, registered businesses pay VAT (on the services received) at the applicable rate in their country. For non-VAT registered clients, VAT@23% will be added.

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I have used the language revision services offered by Earthy Matters for several scientific manuscripts. I have always received a prompt and thorough service. Their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter (peatland ecology / biogeochemistry) has clearly an added value compared to ordinary language revision services.
— Dr Anna Laine-Petajakangas, University of Eastern Finland
I am really happy with the proof reading service provided by Earthy Matters; it has always been prompt, and the fact that it is carried out by someone experienced in GHG, carbon cycle and ecosystem sciences makes me feel comfortable and confident, as they know the substance of the document as well as the language.
— Dr Annalea Lohila, Finnish Meteorological Institute & INAR Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research
Because of the proofreading service provided by Earthy Matters, the English language in our scientific papers on forest remote sensing is grammatically correct, clear, and concise.
— Dr Petteri Packalen, University of Eastern Finland
Several times over the past years I have made use of the proof-reading services of Earthy Matters before submitting my manuscripts to a journal. David is always very quick to respond with his feedback. I am especially happy with the fact that not only my spelling and grammar were checked, but that I was advised on writing style and overall readability of the text.
— Dr Paul Mathijssen, University of Münster
I found the English language correction service by Earthy Matters one or two years ago. Since then, I have used it several times and will use it in the future because my experience has been good. The service is rapid and the English – excellent; always perfect for publication purposes. My – or our – manuscripts are ecological and they get extra benefit from David’s competence in that field.
— Dr. Juha Tiainen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) & University of Helsinki